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Cracked Fangs
She wanders, broken and whining. Wondering why anyone would accept her as pack. With chipped fang and mangled paw she limps along. But one stands on the hill, watching. Waiting and watching over her. She blunders along, unaware of his presence. Every once in a while she would glance up and see a shadow watching. But in her delirious state he seems to vanish or his presence uncertain at best. As in the past she expects to limp along alone. And yet every time she turns around she is astounded to find him still standing and watching. Even more so when he comes to nuzzle and console. And yet each time she wonders if it will be the last. She harkens back to a time when she was in prime fighting condition and just how far she has come.  She stands with her head hanging, snapping at shadows when the real anger is towards herself. Towards the cage she sets around herself. Everyday is the same reminders that nothing will ever be the same. And she hopes, in some small corner of her heart, t
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"Why the frack am I such a god damned coward?!" Pounding her head against the wall she berated herself. A single tear fell down her face as she leaned her forehead
against the wall and bit her lip hard, her hand clutching for anything to hold onto. Finding a jacket hanging on the wall she turned to face away from the wall and slid
down until she was sitting with her knees under her chin. Everything had been going so well. He had seemed to like her well enough. The first date was wonderful and everything
she could have asked for. He was a gentleman in every sense of the word. And that was what had her in tears. It had been 5 dates and he had not shown his intentions one
way or the other. Everyone kept asking how things were going and as far as she knew things were... Fuck she didn't know how things were going. She leaned her head back against
the wall and wondered again why she just didn't have the balls to tell him how she felt. It was such a simple thing to say. And yet so hard to act
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I am Chris's Cathartic Release
I am Chris's Cathartic Release
You said you had to leave
That it wasn't fair to make me wait
I told you that I would wait
I would wait till the end of time
Till the seas dried
Till every star in the sky blazed out of existance
You said it wasn't fair to make me wait
I told you I didn't care
That I loved you
Had since I first met you
You tossed me away
You asked me once why anyone would want to give up someone as amazing as I was
Why anyone would let me go
Why they wouldn't want me
Now I ask you the same
Wasn't I good enough
What did I ever do to make you leave?
Why was I left out in the cold
Why does my heart still burn and bleed
Why can't I make it stop
Why does it hurt so much
You said we needed to talk and my heart broke
My whole world shattered
I had you back again and you let me fall again
I don't know why you left
Was I too much?
Was I not enough?
You were my whole world
And it shattered
You waited for me
You said you would stay
That you wouldn't ever give me up
And I g
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Bad WolfStaring out over the
Bad Wolf
Staring out over the waves through tear soaked eyes she stood.
How would she ever forget that man? The one who made everything worth it.
All the pain
All the sorrow
Everything she had ever been through
No one understood like he did
That impossible man who showed her worlds and universes
"I Love you" She told him
"Quite right too" He replied
So close and so far
Her hopes faded like his projection
Gasping she fell to her knees
Pain ripped through her like a burning blade
And a scream ripped out of her very soul
"I'm burning up a sun just to say goodbye"
Inside she felt the explosion he must have watched
A burst like a super nova that blinded her
How could anyone compare
He had left a hole so big in her life that she knew no one else would ever be able to fill it.
It wasn't just the trips or the adventures.
But she knew
Never again would she see that rakeish smile
Never again would she hold his hand while he whispered "Run"
So many things lost
And nothing gained
So much time spen
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Running Silent
Running silent through the forest
Every tree looking familiar
As this path has been tred time and time again
Will I ever learn and take a new trail?
Head tossing as she runs looking for something
Anything that will distract
Can't stop, can't share
Every time you stop to chat someone takes something from you
Nothing valuable, just your pride
Hurtful stares digging knives into your heart
What are they thinking
Do they know
How could they
So you run
Run away so they will never know the things you have done
To yourself
To others
To so many
How could they accept you if they knew
How could they accpet you anyway
Claws dig
Earth churns
And still you can't outrun them
They will never give up
And you will apparently never learn
You can't trust them
You can't trust any of them
Every time you try they throw it right back into your face and shove you out into the cold
So much anger and so much hate bottled up
All you can do is snarl and hope they leave you alone
A wounded animal backed into a corn
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Beautiful Heart
How do you heal the heart that cannot even remember what shape it took
What words do you say that have not shattered the heart before
How do you help when you yourself are broken
How do you help what has been hurt so many times before
How do you console when all words have been used to hurt
How do you salvage the pieces when you have no idea where they go
The pain in your eyes breaks my heart and I wish I had new words
I wish I had some way to tell you how much I love you and how I would do anything for you
Would that I had some way to express without sounding like the others
Would that you had someway yourself to understand
Time itself will not tell
All I can do is promise myself to you and love you beyond all measure
You make my days brighter and my life better just for being a part of it
Your laugh makes my heart jump and a touch from you sets me afire
Would that I had some way to make you believe that I will be here as long as you want me
That I am not going anywhere
That I will ne
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I wish I had the words to tell you how much you mean to me.
I wish I had the courage to voice just what you are to me.
That I could tell you about the future I see for us.
The life we will share.
But every word of it sticks in my throat.
I look at you and all I can do is sigh and think about how lucky I am.
About how I feel I have found my other half.
About how much I miss you when you are as far as the other room.
Would that I had the courage to say these things.
But that would mean making myself vulnerable again...
I know the steps to this dance but the last time I danced my partner walked away leaving me shattered...I am afraid that you will too.
I am afraid you will think me crazy or clingy or immature and stupid.
I worry about how I am not good enough for you, smart enough for you.
But then I see the love in your eyes and all I want to do is tell you.
To ask the one question that would bond us forever.
Gods I am such a sap...
:iconsheildmaiden88:sheildmaiden88 2 3
Why is it so hard to stare
When that is all I want to do?
Because, came the reply,
You are staring at the blue eyed blond haired Prince
That you dreamed of as a little girl.
Do you remember how he led you over hills and through ruins
Showed you things impossible and wonderful
Do you remember waking and feeling your heart crushed at the loss of him?
Do you remember your prayers to see him again
And the joy at the next dream
How they continued for years and then disappeared
Until one day there he stood
Dressed in blue just like he was
Strong and confident
A man among men
Who stood tall with deadly grace
How he smiled and took your hand and pressed his lips to it
Whispering "Ciao Bella"
How your heart flipped then plummeted as he walked away
If you said it was because you felt you didn't deserve him
In an instant he would be there with reassurance
A warm embrace and a soft kiss
The wolf whines and paws at the door begging to be let in
Begging you to admit to yourself what she already know
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Flame :iconsheildmaiden88:sheildmaiden88 2 1
Mature content
Struggle :iconsheildmaiden88:sheildmaiden88 2 1


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United States
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Yeah so I finally decided it was time to update and get my poetry up on here so I can refrense it quickly without haveing to search for days for the one book that has all of my poetry in anyway I hope you guys enjoy!


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